A Poem by Peter Valentine

Peter Valentine

[a] all what i know is what
you know
the mountain is the
mountain is true
and here is march

[d] in golden light
and the day where you
began to start the day again
[a] because the lilac

Peter Valentine is a poet living in Brooklyn New York. For over 10 years, Peter has written a daily poem using words found in the New York Times crossword puzzle. He follows a strict 3-part format; the first part of the poem [a] uses words from the across clues; the second part [d] contains words from the down clues; and the last part of the poem [a] is composed from words in the answer grid. The poem title is made from words anywhere in the puzzle.

Peter’s crossword poems have appeared in The New York Times, Gramma, The Found Poetry Review, and Shadowgraph Magazine.

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