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By Lindsey Peckham

This month , July, is a New York City downtown special! All of the featured museums, galleries, and stores can be found south of 14th Street...ace bullet space

   The city of New York turned over this formerly dilapidated building last spring to squatters who had resided there for over 30 years for just $1. The residents quickly brought the building up to code and installed a politically charged gallery on the first floor that showcases local street art talent, as well as artifacts from the building and the neighborhood. The current exhibit showcases the impressive talent of Andrew Castrucci, a painter, sculptor and graphic designer whose work seems almost delicate in a building dominated by primary colors and militant manifestos on the walls.

Brion Gysin and Rivane Neuenschwander

new museum

   This summer, the New Museum is showing two dichotomous retrospectives: one of Brion Gysin and the other of Rivane Neuenschwander. Gysin is a pioneer of the cut-up poetry technique, and a skilled, graceful painter, but the apex of the exhibit is the titular Dream Machine, an un-missable flickering light show that can only be appreciated with your eyes closed. Neuenschwander is a prominent figure on the Brazilian conceptualism scene, and by far her stand-out work is the colorful installation I Wish Your Wish (pictured above), which is only one of three of her pieces that involves audience interaction, and grants each visitor a bittersweet memento of their visit.


Canada Museum

canada museum

   The haunting work of Allison Schulnik is on display now at the Canada Gallery on Chrystie Street, featuring disarmingly beautiful porcelain sculptures of foxes and enormous canvases dripping with ghostly pastel figures. Its beauty is all the more evident due to the fact that it is displayed next to Ruby Neri's boldly colored canvases and sculptures.

Partners and Spade

partners and spades

   This pop-art market on Great Jones Street is the ultimate quirky quasi-gallery: it juxtaposes an antique Cartier globe worth thousands with Lehman Brothers coffee mugs and copies of the New York Post. The wall space at the back is available to rent for promotional purposes, as are the owners themselves for pet projects. If you ever find yourself on the Bowery on a weekend (the store is only open Friday through Sunday), this is a must-see.

Tenement Museum

   The Tenement Museum (corner of Orchard and Delancey Street) is an unique New York experience and one of few living museums in the city. The organized tours of the neighborhood are in-depth and eye-opening, and the tenement reproductions are fascinating (and incongruous if you happen to peek out the window from a replica early 20th century bedroom and see a Chinese restaurant). It's a fascinating slice of New York City history and an important reminder of our shared history.

Lindsey Peckham is a recent graduate of New York University with degrees in both Liberal Arts and Business.

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