By Rob Daly

I can’t shake the feeling
There is more to do
Something I’ve forgotten
Something you need from me

A walk? Your dinner?
Is your water bowl empty?
I know there is something
Did I lock you outside?

Are you waiting in the car?
Did I leave you with Aunt Lori?
What time do I get you?
Why can’t I remember?

This feeling began when
You were quiet on our walks
Is that pain in your eyes?
What do I do?

Now it grips me when I wake in the dark
Surrounds me as I relax into a drive
It fills my mind when the TV goes silent
I look by my feet to see what you need

But you don’t need me
I let you go
Where I imagine Lucy waits
To chase you, far off, in wide circles

Maybe it’s like our mountain lake
Where green underbrush
Holds squirrels to be routed
And warm sand cradles tired muscles

What have I forgotten?
I haven’t forgotten anything
There’s nothing more to do
But remember

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