Selected Short Poems from “Into the Hearth,”

By Wendy E. Slater

The Delicacy--1418

The delicacy

Of these sounds:

A train, lizards in the bush,

Distant religious music

Loud enough for me

To chant with,

Celebration of voices

Rising up into the sky

Simplicity with sitar

Climbing with the moon,

Quarter crescent,

A lute and the stars

All become you

Me, us.

The Leaves I Thought--1433

The leaves I thought

Were talking to me

But really now

It’s the wind

Speaking in soft nuances

Of jasmine, sandalwood,

And the palm

Of love to be, love that was

And that love that always


With memories and scents

Outlines and tracings

Arcs and bows.

Rain Is Not a Weeping-- 1444

Rain is not a weeping

Nor is leaf to ground a sadness,

It is simple sharing

To fill joy and fruiting

And rebirth

Into the next

As day into dusk

Night into dawn

Sun into moon

Love into tenderness

And my arms into yours.

The Veil, the Drapery of the Night --1447

The veil, the drapery of the night,

Has lifted from the eyes

Sheers of dappled light

Random moons

And the planet of my


Is free from the contrast

Of light to dark

As song, a symphony

Is sung

And always singing.

Wendy E. Slater has composed 20 volumes of spiritual poetry which began during a vision quest to Scotland in 2001.  Much of this poetry was written during vision quests, spiritual awakenings, and the dark night of the soul, and this is why she refers to her poetry series, including her first volume to be released, Into the Hearth, as “vision quest poetry”, shamanic poetry, or spiritual poetry.  Wendy E. Slater lives in Vermont.

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