Woman about Town

By Lindsey Peckham

I, the "Woman About Town," am a very recent graduate of New York University, where a liberal arts degree and a business degree have prepared me to be the most efficient socialite-in-training possible. With 15 years of dance training and innumerable literature and art history courses behind me, a passion for the arts has now blossomed into a genuine, bonafied journalistic enterprise.

My intention is to be everywhere at once, to let you know what is, and is not worth checking out, in and around the city, so suggestions (for events, shows, openings... anything at all!) are of course more than welcome.

Liselot van der Heijden

At the launch of contemporary artist Liselot van der Heijden’s book False Metaphors, which chronicles several of her previous works, she emphasized the “confrontational quality” of her pieces as well as the importance of the viewing experience. Her art is something that does not lend itself to being easily captured in print form. As such, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend picking up the book, but I’ve become fascinated by her enthralling and hypnotic video art.

Paul Taylor

I caught the Paul Taylor Dance Company during their March season at City Center, where the undeniably talented group performed three classic pieces from Mr. Taylor’s extensive repertoire that unfortunately favored light-hearted style over technical substance, and failed to elicit the level of excitement in the audience that I’ve experienced during other performances. “A Field of Grass” was a playful Beatles retrospective whose juvenile style, while fun, robbed dancers of their technical foundations and didn’t exude as much personality as I had anticipated.

Come Fly Away

I was lucky enough to score tickets to a preview of Twyla Tharp’s new Broadway show, entitled Come Fly Away. It’s a gorgeous homage to Frank Sinatra, using 18 of his songs paired with a live jazz orchestra, and it deserves every bit of the hype surrounding it. While lacking the straightforward narrative of Movin’ Out, Come Fly Away is dazzling, showcasing Tharp’s trademark gravity-defying partnering tricks as well as the astounding technical proficiency of dancers such as John Selya (of both ABT and Movin’ Out fame), Karine Plantadit and Holley Farmer. It’s an indulgent, comforting throwback of a show whose slinky and sleek production perfectly match the delicious score and is absolutely well worth indulging yourself for an evening. Watch out for a scene-stealing turn by Charlie Neshyba-Hodges as an acrobatic, love struck waiter.

Colum McCann

Listening to Colum Mccann read from his National Book Award-winning novel Let the Great World Spin near Union Square the other night was like taking the heartbreaking narrative and dipping it in Bailey’s. Even if you don’t have the good fortune to hear the novel in McCann’s cozy Irish brogue, at least read it for its ambitious panoramic view of New York City in 1974 that manages to depict myriad facets of this great city while never losing its intimate perspective. It’s a definite must-read.

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