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Portfolio: Kramer in Kostume

by Kara Fox

Forever, the memory of 9/11 is woven into the fiber of our nation. And as we leave September, and we continue to honor those who have suffered deeply, we enter a month resting at the opposite end of the emotional spectrum ...Halloween.


When the apple fell from the tree, Sir Isaac Newton was inspired to discover his theory of gravity. Kramer inspires a higher level of creativity as is displayed in this portfolio piece.

For me, one who thinks in terms of visual images, Kramer, my beloved Doberman exemplifies this month of pretend.

The beginning of my love affair with the Doberman Pinscher is rooted in a uniquely twisted experience. A body, naked and dead, was stuck in my brother's chimney! As the sole guardian of my two small children, and with the three of us living alone in a house with a chimney, I was justifiably scared.

glasses and nose

Being Newton was okay. Now she wants me to be Jewish? Oy Gevalt! Oh well, it is the time of year for the High Holy Days.

multiple gear

Horses, baseball, football, swimming...kramer is prepared for anything.

newish new year

Come on Kara, give me a break. I do get it!
It's Rosh Hashanah.
Happy New Year folks

"How do I protect us?" I thought, as I watched the police hammer down the brick chimney, hoist the lifeless body out, place him in a black body bag onto a gurney and into the coroner's truck.

As I stood in horror in the inky mist of evening, watching the unveiling of this true crime scene, I asked the detective, who seemed to be a pro at the gruesome, how he suggested I protect my family.


Why does she do this to me? She knows I hate dumb blondes!


Do you believe this? An arranged marriage with a Bichon Frise. Disgusting!


I think I'm kinda sexy as a redhead.

"A Dobie," he quickly responded. The very next day we became the family who was going to be safe from strange intruders (other than Santa Claus) shimmying down our sweet little chimney. Our first Doberman, Killer Fox, became a trusted and loyal member of our little family.

Doberman Pinschers were originally bred in the late 1800's by Herr Doberman, the door-to-door tax collector. They were to accompany him on his rounds. He wanted an alert, streamlined guard dog. To this end he crossed the German Shepherd, German Pinscher, Beauceron and Rottweiler with some Manchester Terrier, some Greyhound and Weimaraner.

With his noble appearance and proud temperament, chiseled silhouette and fearless demeanor, my Doberman quickly became a favorite family member while also serving as a protector.


Has she become hard of hearing? I've told her a thousand times if I've told her once, I prefer chocolate frosting.


A cowboy! Now she's really getting me upset. She knows my football team is the New York Giants.

ny giants

Now that's more like it. A real football team!

Ripped from the paws of his mother far too early, Kramer was placed in a home where he was treated like an abused child. By the time we found each other, deep-rooted damage had been done. Dogs are like sponges, absorbing everything they are given. Fortunately, most of his beautiful self was safely blanketed, and through our family’s kindness, gentleness and love, his tragic past remains well hidden.

He is living proof of the psychological concept that what we mirror to a living being can become part of that living being's essence.

From the day Kramer came into our lives, he was given only the purest love, and that is what he quickly began to give back to us. Soon he assumed the position of ruler of our home and continues to add to his kingdom warmth, humor and happiness for which we are grateful every day.


I love my natural color.


Uh oh, I think she's into the martinis.

Ever desiring to please, Kramer has become my treasured model. His task is expertly performed.Time and again he exhibits his almost professional skill as the model of models. With the mere mention of a cookie or a walk, he responds to my every request -- draped in clothing, hats, jewelry, make-up, and nail-polish, he fills the lens of my camera with a unique elegance.His patience is astounding. Occasionally he shows his displeasure...he didn't love when I put him in the shower with a shower cap on his head and water running over his face...nor did he enjoy having a birthday cake put in front of him with no opportunity to indulge...until I had the shot, of course.

We are active members in an mutual admiration society filled with love and respect. I am proud to present to you, dear readers of Neworld Review, Kramer, resplendent in all his glory.

   Knowing that this doggie, with a dark past, is now living a life overflowing with happiness, I hope these images will warm your hearts.


With all modesty, I think I look adorable.


Well I'm the Sheik of Araby
Your love belongs to me


It's a wrap.


I don't care if it's Halloween. I despise cats.


Oh boy! That 2nd martini is kicking in. I'm outta here folks!

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