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The Neworld Review, was started in Greenwich Village in 2007 as a tabloid sized newsprint quarterly by novelist Fred Beauford. The thinking behind the publication was the alarming rate that newspapers and magazines across the country were dropping their book review sections, and only predicable genres like romance, murder mysteries, chick lit, ghetto lit, memoirs of movie and sports stars, court room dramas and techno thrillers-- were getting all of the attention in the few pages that remained.

From the beginning, we concentrated our book reviews on mainly overlooked literary fiction, and nonfiction books that dealt with real world problems. We also featured profiles, short fiction, biography, memoir, and literary essays. In addition, we added a Beyond Books section that has included such artistic disciplines as, Visual Arts, Theater, Film and Creative Photography.

Our editorial product was also designed to self-consciously project the Neworld Review as a publication open to all Americans.

Going online

In 2009 we made a decision that would prove to be a far-reaching game changer. At first, the plan was to offer both the hard copy and an online version. However, after we saw the numbers from the first few issues online just double and double again, it got our attention.

Our initial outing attracted 4,380 visitors. It was a far bigger audience than we were getting with the hard copy, for 90 per cent of the cost.  But that number, after only a few short years of our being an online magazine, is nothing compared to the tens of thousands we now get each week.

Still, despite the success and growth of the Neworld Review, we remain a small operation – a sole proprietorship with a hardy, dedicated group of writers, editors; and a technical specialist  and art director(both of whom are closet novelists).

Because of the high quality of our presentation, and the well-crafted articles that accompany it, we know firsthand that many take us for granted. But the Neworld Review costs money to run. We do not charge a fee for our content. so we rely on advertising revenue and the voluntary donations of supporters to stay in business.

If you don’t frequent the site, it makes little sense for you to donate. But if the Neworld Review has become an important part of your life, a place where you come to read about the literary world in all of its many aspects, we ask that you make a donation. 

When to Donate? This year’s campaign will run from August until December.

How Much to Donate? That is up to you. What is the site worth to you on an annual basis?

Special Offer - As a special offer to donors we will sent a plastic wrapped copy of Vol. 1 No. 1.for donations over one hundred dollars This rare issue is destined to become a valuable collector’s item, in that only 2,500 were printed on easily destroyed newsprint. An example of what can happen is that a copy of the first issue of Neworld: The Multi-Cultural Magazine of the Arts, which Fred Beauford founded in the 70s, sold on ebay for $750.00.

For donations over five hundred dollars we will also include Vol.1 No.2 and for donations over a thousand, we will add Vol.1 No. 3.

How Should You Donate? If you are interested in donating, you can do so either by mailing a check via regular mail or performing the transaction electronically via PayPal.

BY MAIL: Send your check, payable to Fred Beauford to the following address. Obviously there is no transaction fee associated with a donation by mail.

Fred Beauford
Neworld Review
3183 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 196
Los Angeles, Ca. 90010

(Please note, if you would like to receive confirmation of receipt of your check, you should enclose a LEGIBLE e-mail address!)

By PAYPAL: PayPal allows members to send money without sharing financial information, with the flexibility to pay using their credit cards. If you donate by PayPal, PayPal will take a small portion of your contribution as a transaction fee (2.2% + $.30 per domestic transaction).

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