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By Phillip William Sheppard

I purchased Gondwana: Images of an Ancient Land, and met briefly with world-renowned photographer Diane Tuft at a book signing at Hennessey + Ingalls Santa Monica. What makes Tuft’s photographs unique are that they capture the visual effects of ultraviolet and infrared light waves; they present a remote and ancient landscape through a technique that reveals what cannot be seen with the naked eye.

 Elizabeth Sussman, the Curator of Photography at the Whitney Museum of American Art, comments that “Tuft’s work strives to give these phenomena, this reality, the power to self- reproduce, straddling a space, like the work of [Ansel] Adams before her, where the photographic process and aesthetic instinct meet the politics that come with documenting something that is at once new, objectively beautiful, unspoiled, and endangered.”

I asked Diane what made her start photographing and she related “It was a spiritual journey. Landscape had so much to offer us that we couldn't see or understand. In order to understand landscape I needed to see through it.  If I could reach the spectrum outside of our visible, perhaps I could understand it better. My journey to understand the spirit of the landscape of the earth, forced me to notice landscape's change. Through my photographs, I hope to bring attention to climate change and stimulate discussion on this very important subject.”

Make sure you go to one terrific new restaurant set in the 1950s. Ingo’s Tasty Dinner just opened on Wednesday. Tthe food menu is amazing from Steaks, Fish, Salads, Deserts and the drinks are wonderful. What really makes this spot is how elegant it is while still having this vibe of coolness hip and service that makes you feel like you are a star.

Bob Lynn is the founder and President and I met him for the Press night as they officially opened on Wed 4/22. What a great person. It's no wonder all their spots do so well with his big smile. Everybody is welcome and that attitude makes for a great spot for drinks and dinner. Tell him Phillip The Specialist from Neworld Review sent you.

The Woodspoon 107 9th Street Los Angeles was a cool Brazilian cuisine spot that I found very delicious and the service was excellent so when you've got to have something different check it out.

Aero Theater had Adam Nimoy stop by and he spoke about his father's legacy and what he was like as a father and grandfather. It was a very special tribute to have him there with Star Trek fans that came out to honor Lenard Nimoy who passed Feb 27, 2015.

I volunteer some weekends helping make homes for kids who age out of Foster Care with an organization called A Sense of Home http://www.asenseofhome.org/ A Sense of Home (ASOH) is a volunteer movement where community creates homes for foster youth as they “age out” of the foster care system. At age 18 or 21, youth that were never adopted are ejected from the foster system and must fend for themselves. 

They may secure a Section 8 Apt but have no means to obtain furniture & house ware that create a sense of home.  ASOH rallies the community to be the “village” for these kids during the most challenging phase of their life. If you like to donate furniture or get involved please visit the link above for details.

Bergamount Station is a hot little bed of artist galleries that offers something every single month; however, you will need to go soon as it will be closing in a few months.  I have been to many showings there and the artist galleries are large with plenty of space to see and move freely about.

Summer is fast approaching and as such I be remise if I did not let the you all know about an incredible shop CAMI and Jax 1525 Montana Ave, Santa Monica, run by Camille and Jackie Brady. Normally I would not mention a bikini shop but the creations in the store are frankly artistic in nature, while being uniquely fashionable.  If I had not walked in and seen the creations and learn the creative process and design the sisters’ employ, I would not have mentioned the store. But sometimes I am forced to look outside the box, and trust me their creations are indeed worthy. Many of the elite actresses in Hollywood, and Casting Directors from reality TV go there for selections.

Photo Credits: Phillip William Sheppard

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