I Wish, I Was . . .

A Poem by Nora Aharonian

I wish, I was the Summer Sun
shining brightly in the fields of heavens.
Blazing down my golden beams upon the earth
like a celestial spotlight

Warming upon every human heart, tenderly
at this lively audience, at this very historical moment

I wish I were a gentle breeze.
Breaking through this glamorous room invisibly
bringing a crisp freshness with me to all of you  

I wish I were a singing water fountain.
Gently quenching the thirst of every human heart

I wish I were a mountain waterfall.
Falling down from the mountain top singing playfully

I wish I were a sky with millions of stars
sparkling cheerfully upon the earth

I wish I were the rainbow with thousands of colors
anointing every soul with colors of love, only to love

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